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Video SEO - Google Universal


Enterprise Design has contracted with a community video company to achieve universal search results. Google universal search features a thumbnail image for videos that rank within a regular search page.


Currently a work in progress, the communities completed are now showing an 80% top 20 positioning for targeted videos. Search terms are generally limited to company name although many broad terms are starting to appear as well. Most videos at start of project were not visible.


Video search results for
Bridgeport, Connecticut


Google search results:

Bridgeport Holiday Inn

Softlink Resources

Bridgeport University

Stratford Antique Center


Now starting on Hot Springs, Arkansas
Falk Plumbing Supply CO

CobbleStone Realty

Trademark Realty

Woodyard and Associates


These are only a few results provided. A complete list of succcesful video placement would number over 500 currently. That number is increasing daily.


Total number of videos for optimization will exceed 11,000.


For those interested in search engine results for online videos contact us for an analysis and estimate.


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