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Enterprise Design is a professional search engine optimization company in Rochester, NY that has the experience to deliver better search engine web positioning .


SEO Assessment

To learn where the problems are -
The SEO assessment provides a personalized review of your new or existing site. Outlined are primary issues relating to site architecture and programming languages, navigational issues, text within code and visible text, link relations, indexing within search engines and directories.


The assessment provides information needed for site owners and their web masters to begin the SEO process.


One time charge


Price: $500



Have our team provide the necessary edits -
Based on findings from the SEO assessment, corrective changes will be made to your site. In addition, we will examine strengths and weaknesses as compare to your online competitors.


One time charge


Price starting at: $1500 (average price - 5 to 10 page site. Some sites may require additional work)

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Sample of services provided -

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
    Wordtracker and Overture analysis of industry keywords and phrases.
    Competitive Analysis to determine the best phrases. (Every quarter)
  • Site Redesign
    Sometimes a site needs to be redesigned for better content delivery and navigation.
  • SEO Copywriting
    Pages will be rewritten for targeting keywords and sales conversion.
  • Website Optimization
    Site code is adjusted to facilitate better search engine spidering.
  • Search Engine and Directories Submission
    We manage the submission process and re-submissions when needed.
  • Link Relations
    Establish links with appropriate partner sites. No link farms or other schemes will be considered.
  • Traffic and Positioning Reports
    Bi-weekly reports are automatically generated on-line with a secure page for each client.
  • On-Going Maintenance
    Monthly reports detailing the position of your site and a record of adjustments made for better web positioning.


2 to 5 months with option to continue


Price starting at: $4500 + 3 months of ongoing editing starting at $500 per month

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In our attempts to create uniform pricing, it's important to recognize certain assumptions:

  • These are:
    There is an existing web site
    Site development is a separate process
  • There are between 4 - 6 pages to work with for internal linking and relevant content editing
    Pages need to be keyword related - not forms, log-ins, etc.
  • There is enough existing body copy for edit - standard is between 150 - 250 words per page
    If copywriting is required the cost is an estimated at $200 per page
  • We have access to server (for hands on optimization)
  • There must be stats provided from the server to benchmark the effectiveness of our work -
    We can install a AW Stats for this purpose - cost for setup is $125
  • The HTML or other web site code does not require significant editing for "junk" code removal -
    Many automated web programs will generate extra code which can affect results


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