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st way to find customers is to help them find you.
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The Need for SEO

People are looking for what you offer, help them!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to achieve higher web positioning for people

searching. This is the first step in satisfying a potential buyer.

SEO provides a greater range of search terms and postioning over time. Pay per click campaigns
are only there when you pay for each click. Organic SEO will provide visibility over a longer
period of time - sometimes many months.


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Intuition and Experience.

Understanding technical and creative elements for SEO is what experienced professionals offer. Actions to take for SEO becomes intuitive based on that experience.

Search Engine Optimizaton Is Our Job.

Our combined experience with artistic and techinical is what makes our team great SEO providers. Working with artists and programmers, as partners has repeated superior results.


We offer plans for all budgets. Give us some information and we'll offer some plans.

Doing SEO yourself

The web contains everything there is to learn about SEO. Understanding all the factors and how
they interact takes considerable time. Look for reputable resources and study.


There is no secret. So don't look for it. Our best clients are those who know the most about SEO.
They appreciate that professional experience takes less time and therefore is more cost effective.
We do our job so they can do theirs.


We offer information to start you in the right direction with our SEO analysis.

Beyond SEO

We understand that as companies grow and change, so do their website needs. We work
closely with our clients to understand what they like about their current site and what they
would like to improve upon. With custom graphic and programming options available, we
can tailor your redesigned website to meet your required specifications without harming
search engine positioning


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During initial interviews with prospective clients we point out serious search engine optimization flaws associated with otherwise superior web sites. Often the first reaction is that their web developer didn't do the job right. NOT TRUE. We are quick to point out that search engine optimization or web positioning is a very separate skill. Web site construction employs professionals in design, copy writing, database development, among others, working as a team to produce the finished product.

The Quick Fix -

And cheap too - right? Choosing one of the many quick fix schemes or services for guaranteed search engine optimization simply won't work in the long run. Spamming techniques that might achieve a higher ranking for your website for a while can eventually get it dropped from the index for spamming. These quick fixes also don't take into account best keyword selection or usability issues. Isn't it true that "you get what pay for"? Many have been burned, making them think that search engine optimization or web positioning is a waste of time and money. A worthwhile positioning program is a thoughtful process that takes time!

Doing It Yourself -

Changing your oil, cutting your own hair, Installing new plumbing—Many services can be done yourself, including web positioning. The information and processes are freely available on the internet. The question is will you? Can you afford the time or personnel required to keep up with changes and maintenance? Understanding the entire process requires a lot of patience and passion. Our best clients are those who have already tried it and understand it. Outsourcing these services will provide much quicker results.

The Cost -

If you already have a marketing budget, search engine optimization services may not cost you anything extra. The features and benefits of optimization outweigh other forms of marketing in the long-run. Most of our clients with marketing budgets simply transfer funds from other marketing sources and put it into SEO internet marketing services. An example would be to cut back on trade magazine ads, yellow page, or other directory advertising and use those funds for search engine optimization. Example: One client went from spending $1200 per month on a large yellow page ad to a smaller ad costing $400. Our cost to this client is $500 per month. More revenue (600% more! - reference available) is now being generated through web positioning than the yellow pages and the client is saving $300 per month!